Here are 13 Incredible Pictures of Bees and Wasps You Would Swear Aren’t Real… But They Are


There aren’t many folks around who would love to adore their beauty in their natural habitat.   Of course the first word that comes to  your mind when you  hear “bee” or “wasp” is run.  The picture series below is an initiative of the USGS Bee Inventory and Monitoring Lab’s that’s studying and examining various species of wasps, bees and other insects.   The close up shots are nothing short of brilliant.   Definitely gives us perspective into how beautiful these creatures actually are.

Hani Bee-1

Hani Bee-2

Hani Bee-3

Hani Bee-4

Hani Bee-5

Hani Bee-6

Hani Bee-7

Hani Bee-8

Hani Bee-9

Hani Bee-10

Hani Bee-11

Hani Bee-12

Hani Bee-13

Image credit:  Sam Droege / USGS Bee Inventory and Monitoring Lab

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