24 of the Creepiest Places on Earth


Aokigahara Forest

This dense forest located at the base of Mt Fuji is infamous for the unusually high number of suicides.  The situation is so bad here that you can find signs such as “life is precious” and “think about your family” scattered throughought the woods.

01 - Aokigahara Forest

Bird Suicide Grounds of Jatinga

Jatinga is a small village located in northern India.   The village is famous for a strange annual event that unfolds in the months of September and October.   Hundreds of birds for some strange reason dive to their deaths between 7 pm and 10 pm.   Yes, you heard that right – this happens only during a fairly specific timeframe across a strip of land that’s roughly a mile long.

02 - Bird Suicide Grounds of Jatinga

Catacombs of Paris

Back in the 17th and 18th century, cemeteries in Paris were getting increasingly full because of which decaying organic material found its way in to the city’s water supply.   This resulted in extremely unsanitary conditions and eventually led to the creation of the Paris Catacombs.

03 - Catacombs of Paris

Candido Godoi

There’s a reason why this Brazilian town is known as the twin capital of the world.   The twin birth rate in Candido Godoi is 18 times higher than the global average.   So far no one has been able to find conclusive answers for this strange phenomenon.   Creepy indeed.

04 - Candido Godoi

Hellingly Hospital

An abandoned English hospital which was actually a mental asylum.

05 - Hellingly Hospital


Gunkanjima literally means Battleship Island.  The place incidentally has an uncanny resemblance to a massive vessel.  It used to be a mining facility before it was shut down.

06 - Gunkanjima


The Turkish intervention on the island of Cyprus resulted in several areas that were made inaccessible to its citizens.   This led to many seaside resorts such as Varosha being completed desolate and abandoned.

07 - Varosha

Prague’s Old Jewish Cemetery

This Jewish Cemetery is at least 11 levels deep.   The cemetery got full not once or even twice but 11 times because of which a new cemetery had to be built over the old one.

08 - Pragues Old Jewish CemeteryIsla de las Munecas

The Island of Dolls is located deep inside the swamp of the former Aztec country.   Legend goes that at one time the island had a single inhabitant named Don Julian Santana Barrera.   One day a little girl drowned in the canal and not long after the drowning, Don found a doll floating in the water and then another and yet another.  As a tribute to the drowned girl, Don then decorated the entire island with dolls before he himself drowned mysteriously.

09 - Isla de las Munecas

Birtish Sea Forts

These abandoned water forts were built during the Second World War by the British Royal Navy in the North Sea.

10 - British Sea FortsMatsuo Ghost Mine

The Matsuo Ghost Mine was once the largest known sulfur mine in the Far East.   Located in norther Japan, the mine was closed in the 70s.  What makes this place creepy over and above it being desolate and abandoned is the ever-present mist.

11 - Matsuo Ghost Mine

City Hall Subway Station

No train has stopped at this station for well over 70 years as it lies abandoned beneath New York’s busy streets.

12 - City Hall Subway Station

Ruins of Detroit

Many parts of this once bustling city have been reduced to crumbling urban decay.

13 - Ruins of Detroit

Winchester Mystery House

There’s a reason why this house has a mysteriously winding and confusing interiors.  After the death of her husband and daughter, Sarah Winchester consulted with a medium who claimed that she was being haunted by spirits of all those people who have ever been killed by the Winchester rifle.   To rid herself off the spirits, she was advised to start building a house and never really stop building it which is what Sarah did right until the time of her death.

14 - Winchester Mystery House

Ghost City of Fengdu

This old ghost town is greater than 200o years old and a place akin to hell as per the Chinese folklore.  Locals believe this to be the spot where spirits crossover after death.

15 - Ghost City of Fengdu


Located deep inside Transylvania, Sighisoara is known as the birthplace of Vlad the Impaler aka the inspiration behind Count Dracula.

16 - Sighisoara


Ryugyung Hotel

This abandoned North Korean hotel could easily find its place in the list of greatest architectural failures.   The hotel was only partially finished due to the fact that the government ran out of money.

17 - Ryugyung Hotel


San Zhi Resort

Located in Taiwan, this luxury resort met with a series of fatal accidents and unfortunate events due to which it’s construction was stopped.   The place has ever since been shrouded in mystery with not many daring to venture in the area.

18 - San Zhi Resort


Staten Island Tugboat Graveyard

Found north of Rossville on Staten Island, this is where you’ll find hundreds of dumped tug boats, ferries, barges and more.

19 - Staten Island Tugboat Graveyard



From what was once home to more than 50,000 people to a ghost town after the Chernobyl nuclear power plant meltdown back in 1986, this Ukrainian city has its fair share of horror and it’s post nuclear disaster mystique.

20 - Prypiat


The Sedlec Ossuary

The Church in the Czech Republic is entirely built and decorated by human bones.

21 - The Sedlec Ossuary


Beelitz Military Hospital

Standing as a tribute to some of the darkest days in human history, this hospital in Berlin is where Adolf Hitler was sent to recuperate from injuries suffered in World War I.

22 - Beelitz Military Hospital


The Overtoun Bridge

Located in the village of Milton in Scotland, this bridge stands witness to a number of suicides – more than 600 to be precise.  And no – we aren’t talking about human beings committing suicide but dogs.

23 - The Overtoun Bridge


Takakonuma Greenland Park

Always shrouded in mist and gradually being encroached by wilderness, this theme park in Japan was abruptly closed down due to a number of deaths on its rides.

24 - Takakonuma Greenland Park

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