I Thought it was Kind of Gross of these People to Photograph Themselves Laying in Trash.. I was Grossly Mistaken


The United States has a problem with trash. As per the estimates of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, an average individual generates more than 4 pounds of trash daily which incidentally is double the amount of trash generated back in 1960. It is also 50% more than the amount of garbage generated by Western Europeans.

The picture series below has been created by photographer Gregg Segal who thought of putting some imagery against these numbers. He’s named the series “7 Days of Garbage” that portrays his Californian friends, neighbors and even complete strangers lying in the garbage they generated in a week.

Alfie, Kirsten, Miles and Elly.

Marsha and Steven.



Michael, Jason, Annie and Olivia

Lya, Whitney and Kathrin.

Elias, Jessica, Azai and Ri-karlo.





We found this awesome collection here.

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