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B 747 - 2

Look What Boeing and Airbus Did To Their Wide-Bodied Aircrafts


To put things in perspective, even the latest and the greatest offering from the private jet market might pale in comparison to the luxury and grandeur of custom designed wide-bodied jets.  An increasingly number of uber rich are now opting for custom built aircrafts manufactured by Boeing and Airbus.   These...


27 WTF Ideas and Inventions That Will Leave You Dumbfounded


Admittedly, most of these are insane and probably some of the dumbest, craziest and insane ideas and inventions you would have ever come across.  Okay you might even be tempted to call some of these outrageously clever.  Whatever be the case, be sure to tell us which one’s your favorite....


26 Dog Photos That Will Leave You Captivated


Gorgeous, brilliantly timed and beautifully shot.  Animal photography is no mean feat and photographing dogs is no exception.  I’ve put together a collection of 26 dog photos that capture the very best of man’s best friend.   Check these out and let us know which one’s your favourite. Don’t Move a...


Killer Stray Rock Would Have Smashed This Guy’s Face


This guy would really be thanking his stars for the close shave. This clip is from a demolition site of a clothing factory in the Czech Republic. While he was standing amongst the spectators way out of the safety perimeter, a stray rock whizzed past him just inches away from his face....


And Now Handbags That Resemble Zombies and Monsters


Yes, you heard that right.   If you like to be seen sporting weird and whacky stuff, then this is surely for  you.   Ukraine based designer Bob Basset creates fashion accessories that resemble reel-life monsters from film and literature such as Hannibal Lecter, Cthulhu and even zombies.   Take a...