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Graduation Day

Graduation Backflip – Don’t Try This at Home


While there are different ways to celebrate graduation, this is something that you don’t get to see often.   Watch Davenport University student Robert Jeffrey Blank celebrate graduation day in style.   Things were pretty much happening just the way it should be when Blank decided to liven up the...

Funny Text from Parents

Text Messages from Parents – # 9 is Hillarious


No these are definitely not unheard of.   We are talking about text messages from parents or between parents.   And more often than not the ensuing interactions can be extremely funny.  Take a look at this compilation of 10 hillarious text messages. Picking Up from School  Shopping at Walmart  Welcome...

Babies-dog 1

Adorable Dog-Baby Moments


Dogs are cute and so are babies. What if you bring them together and amplify the cuteness manifold?   Here is quick compilation of 12 adorable dog and baby moments photographed to perfection. Kiss and Tell   Best Friends For Life  Sleep Tight Lookalikes  Giddy Up  Love Him  Best Friends Forever...

Emma - the Eell

Six Foot Long Moray Eel Bites Off Diver’s Thumb


Diver Matt Butcher had a terrifying encounter with a fish – a 6-foot long Moray Eel named Emma.   Matt was always very comfortable feeding the eel which in fact had gotten habituated to humans feeding it.   And for Matt this was just another day at the sea with...

Huge Dog 1

These Giants Like to be Held Like Babies


This began when a guy posted this picture of a 90 pound Golden that likes to be held like a baby. This eventually was followed by a string of owners who posted pictures in a similar pose.   Guess all of these huge dogs except the last one quite enjoyed being...


He Was Trying to Lick Everyone Through his Broken Jaw


It’s quite unimaginable how someone could be so cruel as to ill treat and abuse such a friendly dog.  This is the story of Porter who was abused and left in an alley probably to die.   He had broken ribs, broken hind legs and jaws and was a real mess.  Porter’s new owner...


Now a Wedding Dress Made of Divorce Papers


This one surely takes bridal fashion to a whole new level.   A wedding dress made from 1,500 divorce papers.  The creator of the dress Demi Barnes  wanted to create a dress out of recycled material and had originally planned to make it out of magazines.   She dropped the idea as...