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Diver Fish

This Diver Thought He Had the Fish Until…


When you are out diving, you can always expect the unexpected – like it happened with this unsuspecting diver who had caught a fish.   What happens next is completely unbelievable. As the diver is trying to unhook the dead fish from the line, along comes a bigger fish who...

Frozen Niagra Falls

Watch Niagara Falls Come to an Icy Halt


It’s rare for the Niagara falls to freeze but the extremely frosty winter in the Northeastern United States has stopped the Niagara falls dead in its track.   The mighty Niagara has come to an icy halt for the second time. Take a look at how an astounding 6 million...


18 Incredible Optical Illusions That Will Blow Your Mind


Feeling a bit rustic?  Here’s some exercise to work up your brain.   Here’s an awesome compilation of some of the best optical illusions we’ve curated from around web. Illusion #1 This one’s a 90 degree trick photography.  Spot the trickery here? Illusion #2 Wait! Is is really what you...

clan of giant cats 2

Giant Cats Attack Japanese Family


There’s news on the internet that has been spreading like wild fire about a clan of cats that attacked a Japanese family.   While the exact number of cats is unsure, many report seeing at least four of them stalking the family’s home.   Take a look at these pictures...


Weird Celebrity Beauty Tricks Revealed


Beauty routines for some celebrities can really get weird.   Take a look at a compilation of some of Hollywood’s leading ladies beauty trick secrets they’ve shared over the years.   Admittedly, some of the tricks sounded really strange. Taylor Swift says she was a plane to Japan.  She found...