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Sliding BAby

Give Him a Stair and This is What He Does


We were scouting around for one video and incidentally found many where toddlers were filmed sliding on stairs.   Unbelievable but true as we saw these toddlers effortless slide down the stairs. Here’s toddler #1. And here’s another one.  This baby thinks sliding down the stairs is the funniest thing...

Rolls Royce

Chinese Replica Cars – BMW Looks Eeriely Similar


Do these cars look familiar? Mercedes C-Class versus Geely Merrie 300  Rolls-Royce Phantom versus Hongqi HQD  Toyota Prado versus Dadi Shuttle  Toyota Prado versus Dadi Shuttle  Honda CRV versus Laibao SRV  Daewoo Matiz versus Chery QQ  Neoplan Starliner versus Zonda A9  Toyota Logo versus Geely Logo   BMW 7 Series vs. BYD...

Pelourinho- Salvador - Brazil.

10 Places That’ll Dazzle You With Its Vibrant Colors


There’s no better way to start your day than to feast your eyes on a dazzling array of colors.   We bring to you 10 colorful destinations from around the world that’s sure to blow your mind away. Isola di Burano, Venice, Italy Awesome shops, great restaurants but the fact...


A 2-Year-Old Basketball Rockstar – Incredible Talent


How does he do it? That’s the only thing that comes to your mind when you watch Titus bucket from 7 stories high or for that matter making shots with both hands – yes – two balls – two baskets – simultaneously.  Watch the wonderkid in action.  Bravo Titus!...

MTS born again TV commercial

And the MTS Internet Baby is Born


This one from MTS is hilarious.   The scheme of things are totally unpredictable as to what the baby’s gonna do next.    Seriously funny.   Loved the look on the doctor’s face.   Born for the internet indeed!  Way to go MTS...