This Guy and His Adopted Cat Make Great Climbing Partners


Craig Armstrong has an unusual partner to accompany him on his climbing trips. Quite unlike partners who accompany regular folks for their climbing expeditions, Craig’s partner is his adopted cat Millie.   Craig had adopted Millie from an animal shelter in Park City, Utah.   Since the time Craig got her home, she would always accompany him on his adventurous climbing trips.

Millie is a complete natural when it comes to hiking.  Per the story on Bored Panda, she’s quite literally become a feline climbing legend.   She is a tireless climber and she literally loves to climb things.  And if there’s high ground, she’ll seek it out says Craig in an interview to Bored Panda.

Take a look at these incredibly beautiful imagery that shows Millie and Craig exploring and scaling new heights.


Millie 1

Millie 2

Millie 3

Millie 4

Millie 5

Millie 6

Millie 7

Millie 8

Millie 9

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