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26 Dog Photos That Will Leave You Captivated


Gorgeous, brilliantly timed and beautifully shot.  Animal photography is no mean feat and photographing dogs is no exception.  I’ve put together a collection of 26 dog photos that capture the very best of man’s best friend.   Check these out and let us know which one’s your favourite. Don’t Move a...

Millie 1

This Guy and His Adopted Cat Make Great Climbing Partners


Craig Armstrong has an unusual partner to accompany him on his climbing trips. Quite unlike partners who accompany regular folks for their climbing expeditions, Craig’s partner is his adopted cat Millie.   Craig had adopted Millie from an animal shelter in Park City, Utah.   Since the time Craig got her...

Huge Dog 1

These Giants Like to be Held Like Babies


This began when a guy posted this picture of a 90 pound Golden that likes to be held like a baby. This eventually was followed by a string of owners who posted pictures in a similar pose.   Guess all of these huge dogs except the last one quite enjoyed being...


He Was Trying to Lick Everyone Through his Broken Jaw


It’s quite unimaginable how someone could be so cruel as to ill treat and abuse such a friendly dog.  This is the story of Porter who was abused and left in an alley probably to die.   He had broken ribs, broken hind legs and jaws and was a real mess.  Porter’s new owner...

Guilty Dog 11

Guilty as Hell and They Know It – Cuteness Personified


Dog owners can pretty much relate to this expression.  No matter what the breed, the expression of guilt is profound and unmistakable.  I could almost sense something was wrong with just that one look my dog gave me whenever he did something he wasn’t supposed to do. Here’s a compilation...

Animals Who Love Music

So You Thought Music is Only for us Humans


Think again.    You need to see this to believe this.   Yes you might have seen circus animals respond to music but these cuties here have a totally different style.    I really dig the dancing dog and the one that literally sang towards the end of the video....