Watch Niagara Falls Come to an Icy Halt


It’s rare for the Niagara falls to freeze but the extremely frosty winter in the Northeastern United States has stopped the Niagara falls dead in its track.   The mighty Niagara has come to an icy halt for the second time.

Take a look at how an astounding 6 million cubic feet of water that flows every minute simply seems to have frozen in time.

Frozen Niagra Falls

While the force of the flow of water generally prevents the Niagara waters from freezing over, Monday’s temperature of 9 degrees Fahrenheit brought literally froze the falls.

niagra 5

niagra 6

Take a look at some of the stunning images captured by photographers stationed at the location.

Niagra 3

Back in January, another record-breaking cold wave had frozen the Niagara  in a polar vortex.

Niagra 1

niagra 2

Niagra 4

Watch the Video

Story Source:  Daily Mail

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